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Brief Introduction to China Expert International Investment Limited


  China Expert International Investment Limited is a large specialized investment company focusing on project investment and industrial investment. The firm also offers enterprise investment consulting services as well as multi-directional capital financing and asset management service for enterprises in various investment fields.

  Over the years our company has attracted a large team of top professional talents at home and abroad and established a professional team with broad business expertise, strong creative spirit and unparalleled implementation experience of mature projects. Our company has grown into a large competitive internationalized investment enterprise with international expertise and comprehensive risk prevention mechanism.

  Since its establishment, our company has invested over RMB 120 billion, with overseas investments of approximately RMB 80 billion and domestic investments of approximately RMB 40 billion. We are focused on large infrastructure, new energy, clean energy, tourism development and environmental protection industry. Domestically invested projects include a petroleum wharf and oil storage project, freeway project, hydropower station project, cultural tourism project, coal mine and thermal power plant project, petrochemical project, oil gas equipment manufacturing and other projects. Internationally invested projects include large wharf investment construction project, natural gas power plant project, freeway project, natural gas development project, free trade zone project, plantation project, petroleum exploitation project, mineral product project and other projects.

  Through our efforts over the past seven years, our company has made numerous achievements, obtained unanimous approval at home and abroad, and won honorary titles of “Top 100 International Investment Institutions”, “Top Ten Influential Brands in China’s Investment Industry”, “The Best Model Brand with Public Satisfaction in China’s Investment Industry”, “Top Ten Leading Enterprises with Public Satisfaction in National Asset Management Service Industry” as well as other achievements granted by international and domestic authoritative institutions. Our Chairman, Mr. Shen Tianyi, has also been awarded the title of “Top Ten Investment Men of the Year in the World’s Economy”, was appointed as Chairman of the World Chinese Alliance Federation by the international organization, and has a significance influence in the international financial and capital sectors. Our company has established close business ties and strong cooperative relations with multiple international financial institutions, UN international organizations, social organizations, foundations, banks and multinational trade companies and other institutions. Our broad reaching network has been established through our ability to provide a good platform for exchange and cooperation for enterprises at home and abroad.

  Our company not only pursues steady operation, we simultaneously strive for social and economic profits by actively engaging in various forms of public welfare and undertaking projects that are supportive of both economic and social development.

  With increasing global economic integration and new opportunities of domestic economic reform , our company will consistently adhere to the our core values of rationality, practicality, prudence and diligence; following the operation principles of trustworthiness, sincere service, cooperation and focusing on mutually beneficial opportunities. We will continue to rely on our broad resources and the investment experience accumulated over the years by our specialized management team in order to reinforce international cooperation with enterprises in various countries. Our company will continue to build a specialized and internationalized investment platform offering services to enterprises in various countries, providing advice and suggestions for the development of domestic and overseas partnerships, building bridges for successful connections between enterprises and international capital, and assisting enterprises in entering the international stage.

  As we are at the beginning of this new era, we are prepared to confront new obstacles and opportunities. We will continue to implement multilateral exchanges and cooperate with various industries at home and abroad in order to realize mutual beneficial opportunities.